"A paradox... Natural development 
And the desire to be a better life-form 
Combined with the overpowering need 
To feel feeble 
To equal their own, imaginary gods 
Before which they kneel every day with humility 
With hope in their hearts that their blind devotion 
Will be rewarded" 

Mankind has longed to be abased for ages... 
Burdened with a feeling of infeority 

Is it faith and fear that give meaning to your lives? 
Your power which at the same time is your curse? 
Is being human governed by the will to be a puppet 
And expecting the unexpected? 

We therefore give you new gods 
To nurture your sense of dependence 
We give you the manna -- fear 
Food for the hungry souls 
For which you only find meaning 
Whining and begging in prayer 

We give you X'no-D'aah, the new pantheon 
We watch as the new gods, created 
To man's likeness from flesh and blood 
Send into oblivion those, whom until now 
They bad served