I abandon what can't be proved 
To free my mind of the doctrine of lies 
Overbearing king, common dictator 
Now I am God 
Bow to me, down on your knees 
Mass culture will be no more 
Sardonic laugh around the world 
Fluctuating human nature 
Sleazy priest, vault of naivety 
Come my sheep I will keep 
My hands on harvest of gold 
... God bless you... 
f**king priest, morbid desire 
Come my boy be my toy 
Let me touch your skin 
... God thanks you... 
Persecution of human race 
With holy host and trey 
Deratisation of grey masses 
Man, god, rat, Absolute, worm? 
Avid for aspergillum sinner am I? 
Mean Adam's descendant? 
I hate phlegmatic reactions 
Deeds of flesh emitting humility 
Complexity of human nature 
Intricacy of choices, moves and behaviour 
Allows living in different ways 
Not to adopt dogmas thoughtlessly 
It's time to exonerate our minds 
To stop Christian expansion 
Based on weakness and myth 
Reign in confusion sophisticated solution