The handicap of mine that leads me to gallows 
A vessel of time leads towards eternity 
As virtue is torment for mortals 
A poisoned chalice immortals awaits 

Garden of Eden, the day evil dreaded 
Dressed in blur of paradise you were 
Guidance of God broken 
Taste inferior world 
In instalments dying 

Relics of past sunrise beheld 
Distorted ideas poisonous grain sowed 
Announcement of evil presence 
Hate, love, stone to death hallowed whores! 

Midnight arrives with sins of thousands years 
Mourners in black share in distress 
Rise up in erotic fire 
And burn the curtain of lustful desire 

Lure that graces the creatures of meat 
As javelin drives in 
But take it out to make you humble 
And tainted with lunatic supremacy