I come from nowhere I am nothingness 
Beyond the eternal desert of the night 
Light of the moon a substitute for sun 
Innocence born in horrors, 
Metamorphosis has just begun 

After utopia of life horny dreams await 
Now from the chaos I rise 
To the sky... 

Blinded by light darkness calls so sweet 
Travelling so far but still unmoved... 
... Indeed 

I'm still flying, my wings are burning 
While angels' art is so near 
Call me, hear me, sail with me through the universe 
I am the wave that'll flood your hope forever... and more! 

Vortex of desire calls to eternity 
Come my children, come, reach the Infinity! 
Warm and glamour from the bottom of my soul 
Thy presence makes the weak forgotten 
Of pain and Christian fever 

Impossibility becomes the brightest night 
Forbidden fantasies of the nameless 
Open the entrance to another world 
Undefined ones...