At times our ideas of God have served us well. They 
have been quoted as the inspiration for acts of 
incredible benevolence. Conversely, they have been used 
as the inspiration for acts of horrible cruelty and 
terrible violence as man has contemplated his place in 
the universe.

Holy wars, crusades, jihads, these are some of the 
darkest, most violent acts of aggression mankind has 
committed unto himself, and they were all done in the 
name of his religions.

These are the choices for behavior, individuals have 

These are the acts of violence we reject, yesterday, 
today, and forever.

Where have our concepts of God failed us? It is at the 
point which one creation is asked to harm another, it 
is at the time when once concept of God is held above 
another. It is at the time when our wekaness as mortal 
beings with a finite view of forever cannot conceive of 
unending, pure, infinite, unconditional love.

Now is the time to move forward in a positive and 
peaceful manner, as we embrace the merging of 
intelligence and spirtuality and move together into a 
space of higher consciousness and a future of seemingly 
unimaginable possibilities, and abandon our tiny 
concepts of God before we destroy one another