No, no, no

Strange face in heaven
Stories never told
In the state of limbo
Above the ice and cold
Is this a story of a girl gone bad
A little tramp that got the things she never had

Fallen (fallen angel) 
Fallen (fallen angel)

Once high and mighty
Howlin' at the moon
Lost your fear of flying
Spoke too soon
If she could only read the writing on the wall
Then she'd know that something evil breaks her fall

Fallen (fallen angel) 
She's fallen (fallen angel)

Can't face the heat
But you can sure feel the fire
Your wings got clipped
You're an under cover liar
Your time was over when you heard the devil call
The midnight rain was only tears from your fall

Fallen (fallen angel) 
Fallen (fallen angel) 
Fallen (fallen angel) 
You've fallen (fallen angel)