This mark separates you from the masses
Stand up and be counted
Wear it proud, this sign
Power in every breath of life
Climb high with confidence

This land generates fuel for revolution
Stand out from the masses
Raise your fist so high
A fight 'till death by your brother's side
Climb high with confidence

A mother's care
For her sons in strife
Silent cries
Sent by thought and prayers
I believe in you
I believe in you

This face, so innocent and scorn from the storm
Remember where you came from
Navigate and sight the world
Analyze to find peace of mind
Grab it with your own eyes

You, are the coming breed of tomorrow
Take hold of the flame
The Face in the crowd, is you
Truly only one of a kind
lt will all rely on you now

This mark that I wear
lt will never leave
Imprinted in my head
This mark.. .
I can never leave

The face in the crowd
Born to leave a mark
lmprinted in your DNA
This mark
The future pride
The time is now

The face in the crowd
The face in the crowd

A father's pride
For his daughter
he would die
No denying
Spread your wings
and be unique
I believe in you
I believe in you