So down, down, down down
Never better, never better
Don’t say so, never at all
Down, down, oh no
Down, down, oh down down
Down, oh, down
Down, so long, forever best

Down, down to me
Down, down
Down, down oh
Down, down to me
Down, down is our love
Down, down is our love now
Down, down, down, oh

‘Cause you’re a
Bad guy gal
Hello Rian

Can you tell
The need I see
When I doubt
The cure he had

Know that
Jesus knows
Who’s he inside
Bats are his guide

Know that they want
Easy gal
That’s what she’s called

Send them flecks of love
Let Florrie know
Let go … my god

Don’t tell us how you are lost to
What he does without your love

How he fell, never before
Never love
That’s true

He’s the better and weaker one
Oh, so lost
He’ll be yours soon after this