Today is a good day to flex the muscles of the weary
A miracle's a miracle even when it's ordinary
We walk on the water even though it seems scary
If someone will show us the way

I shook hands with the man who honestly thinks he's
The grandson of Jesus with the penchant for pinchies
He served us communion of cola and twinkies
Guess everyone has their own view

He stood on his soap box and told us a parable
Of a man with eyeglasses so small they're unwearable
And the moral of the story is it all looks terrible
Depending on what you look through, on what you look through

He said "do unto yourself as you do unto your neighbor
It's not an eye for an eye, it's a favor for a favor
And it's okay if this world had a billion saviors
'Cause there's so many things to be saved

Take my words with a boulder of salt
Or blame it on your devil
Always the scapegoats fault
We all point fingers when it comes to a halt
Can somebody show us the way, show us the way...