"I want a Corvette!"
"I thought you would."
"Ooh! I want a Pontiac too!"
"OK, we'll have the usual two-car garage."

"Compare the six days of the Book of Genesis
to the four billion years of geological science.
On this scale one day equals about six hundred sixty-six million years.

All day Monday until Tuesday noon, 
creation was busy getting the earth going.
Life began on Tuesday noon 
and the beautiful organic wholeness of it 
developed over the next four days.

At 4:00 PM Saturday, the big reptiles came.
Five hours later when the redwoods appeared 
there was no more big reptiles.

At three minutes before midnight, man appeared.
One-Fourth of a second before midnight, Christ revolted.
At one-fortieths of a second before midnight the industrial revolution began.

We are surrounded by people who think that 
what we have been doing for one-fortieths of a second 
can go on indefinitely. 

They are considered normal,
but they are stark raving mad."

[Inaudible Newscast]