"Where you been, you ain't heard, got the word that I'm [gunshot]
That I'm so sin-cere" - [Jay-Z] [repeat 3X]
"Where you been" Pusha, "Where you been" Malice
"Where you been, wh-where you, where you been"

[Verse 1: Clipse]
By the time the 5 pull up, e'ry (bitch) look up
Million records sold (nigga) still sellin cook up
Pusha, you know what the flow like
The hook-up, you know what that snow like
Got 7 Dwarves on the corner like I'm Snow White
(Fuck) I'm married to the game, throw rice
Keep the heater on my waist for them cold nights
Protect my chain, chest lit like it's Lite Brite
A horse is a horse, of course of course
323 of 'em in that Porsche
Get a load of this, lifestyle of the rich
And I don't even race her, I baby that (bitch)
Oh the muggin, oh so repugnant
I fly 'em in from London, who like redundant?
I British Broadcast, this is billionaire day
Boys club, (fuck) the rocks, color canary - Clipse


[Verse 2: Clipse]
Cats ain't got a clue as to what real cash is
Each of my neighbors is doctors and actors
They wanna know 'bout the kid who half backwards
Who backyard look like it's a scene from The Masters
And what I know about a 9-iron
The only iron I know is the 9 I was firin
Now everywhere I look it's me they admirin
30 years in age, contemplatin retirement
Could it be, the jewels or the drop
Crib so huge that I call it Camelot
Or could it be that 50 carat watch
Or me on the red carpet, coolin with Carrot Top
Trust me young'n, I will show you the meanin
In that Porsche 911, with the engine screamin
50 grand don't even feed my demons
My life like a fairytale, pinch me I'm dreamin

[Chorus x2]