"Get familiar!"

[Chorus x2: Lil' Flip]
You know me, I'm the Underground Legend
[scratch] Reppin Houston, Texas y'know [scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
You know me, I'm the Underground [scratch] Legend

[over Chorus]
Yeah, uhh..
I go by the name Lil' Flip
I done hooked up with Clinton Sparks, nigga get familiar

[Verse 1: Lil' Flip]
Yeah, you know me I'm the Underground Legend
But I Rap-A-Lot like Scarface and Devin
I'm from Houston, you know how we got down
I got a bitch that'll rob you when you hit town
I got vatos, and they shot O's
Try to jack me they run up with glock fo's
Muh'fuckers wanna talk all tough
When I see 'em at they shows they don't wanna get rough
A lot of niggaz wanna be like 'Pac
until they ass get shot nigga, now who on top nigga?
A lot of niggaz wanna be like B.I.G.
But when I look at they BS, they shit ain't big
Yeah, the "Game Over," I'ma drop again
Gotta check now I'm straight at the lot again
Yeah, muh'fucker this the muh'fuckin payback
I'm in the gray black on black, Maybach
I'm in the front wit'cha bitch, I got a blunt in ya bitch
Muh'fuckers know I run this shit
I did, "Like a Pimp," to "Ridin' Spinners"
You a loser muh'fucker we the muh'fuckin winners


[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]
Uh-ohhh!! Y'all niggaz don't wanna go to war
Cause AK's will go through your car
Yeah!!  And y'all niggaz don't want no beef
Cause fuckin with me, you'll fuck around and hurt yo' teeth nigga
And we don't play when we come to your town
I'm like 'Ball and 'G, lay it down
You got it I want it I come and get it, nigga
I'm the best, you gotta admit it, nigga
I freestyle I ain't gotta write shit nigga
What I drop you ain't gotta like shit nigga
But it's gon' sell nigga, and you gon' wanna do
a track with me, plus I got my fuckin gat with me
Three niggaz in the 'llac with me
Got my muh'fuckin K if you thankin about jackin me
I pack my heat, I break ya neck
Catch ya at ya fuckin office and take ya check, bitch!


[Lil' Flip]
Holla at your boy [scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
You know what I am [scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
If you're not on the grind your "Game Over"
[scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
[scratch] Reppin Houston, Texas y'know
Get familiar, get familiar with my name [scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
If you don't know me, ask for Mr. "Like a Pimp" [scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
Beotch! [scratch] Lil', Lil' Flip
[scratch] Reppin Houston, Texas y'know

Flip! Flip! Flip! [x3]
Flip! Flip! Flip! [x3]

"Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton Sparks"