There she is, the way she moves 
she knows she's got every eye on her
She's the envy of every girl and the dream of every man
There's no way she can lose, she gets her heart's desire
She can pick and choose from all her admirers

And I feel a burning deep inside, for a moment of her time
She's drivin' me mad I want her so bad

When she's coming in for the kill, there's no way you can fight it
Ya can't get away, you're just easy prey
When she's comin' in for the kill, if you're in her line of fire
There ain't no escape, you gotta accept your fate

For just one kiss, I'd give my heart and soul to her forever
She'd only have to ask
Everybody knows, she don't take no prisoners
Who's gonna be her next victim, oh lord I pray that it's me

I ignore those warning signs
To every one I'm blind
Emotionally, she's gotta hold on me

So come on in, so come on in
So come on in, in for the kill

I want no one else, I can't help myself
I said I'm burning deep inside
She's killing me, l'd give anything
For a moment of her time
She's gotta hold on me, controlling me