Tell me why
Everything we had is nothing, nothing, nothing

All i did
Was try to give you all my lovin’, lovin’, lovin'

Baby girl you did me wrong 
And you can say i should have known
But it’s time to play a different song 
And now i’m gone

Why do you think i have lie
I can see the truth right in your eyes
Girl you must have lost your mind
What did you expect me to do
After all that we've been through 
Girl i'm wasting no more time 
Tell me who

I can’t lie
You really had me going, going, going

We could have had it all
But then you had to go and blow it, blow it, you’ve blown it 

Who’s gonna love you like i do
Who’s gonna kiss you like i do
Who’s gonna touch you like i do
How could you be so cold so cruel
Hope you know he’ll never do
All the things i did for you