I've seen your blood sweat and tears
Feels like I've known you for years and years
What I have it ain't enough to give
You want it all honey, you just want to live

Take, take me away, show me your blood
and give me all your pain
Don't tell me no, cause I've had you before
Darts and daggers leave me on the floor

Use your pity to travel the world
It got you fame, but it lost you your girl
He's no God and I'm no saint
Get outta hell before it's too late

When you're down, on you're knees
You'll be begging, baby please
You've got one chance, to be with me
Break my heart
And that's the last you'll ever see

You had me first but I don't belong to you
Don't leave me lovesick, hopeless and confused
You're the same and you know it's true