All messed up, walking down 64th st. 
Looking for trouble, well your looking for me 
Surfing the town & feeling the heat 
She says, who the fuck is gonna save me? 
Who the fuck's gonna save me? 

Who's to blame? She was a beat up, thrown out renegade 
The time has come, well it's come today 
And the two things that took away her pain 
Were her handgun & cocaine... 

It was her home life 
Her brother hit her & her dad had a new wife 
So she crawled into the dark, dark night 
& spent her last few moments looking into the light 

Feel it now, hear her screams & watch her drown 
Take it in & get out of town 
Scars like that won't fade away 
She had her handgun & cocaine 

Dead on arrival, found her on the floor 
Got no hopes, no life no more 
She's sixxx feet down & nobody mourns 
Don't tell um the truth, don't tell um anymore