Trying to find a way to live with out ya babe 
Day and night my heart bleeds, but you don't feel anything 
Suck it up you little bastard, I'm not the same 
Where were you those dark nights when I cried? 
I beared you name 

Everything I thought we had 
Love, trust & friendship 
Fuck you make me feel so bad baby 

Feminazi fingerpointing, well my mom's my own 
Impossible, unforgettable, unbelievable girl you've known 
Believe (sleeved) in your heart, the power is in your hand 
You can take all you want, but I break for no mane 

Fuck you make me feel so bad 
And I can't get over all the love we once had 
I'm trying to find a way to get you outta my life 
I don't want to be your lover 
I don't want to be you wife 

Listen mother fucker, you don't know me 
You don't fucking own me 
And I don't love you 
And you know what? 
Your a fucking dirtbag 
And your a fucking cheating bastard and I fucking hate you 
Fuck you, 
If you weren't such a fucking loser 
And your fucking cock wasn't so small 
I would have fucking left you in the first place 
You got nothing to offer me 
You're just bad news 
You're just a fucking scummy mother fucker that smells, 
That's too fat 
That's fucking ugly 
That's going bald 
I don't want you in my life again, ever you mother fucker 
Fuck you 
Stay the fuck away 

When did my soul hit the ground? 
I'm trying, I'm crying, but I just can't be found