I was 15, you were 21 
I was bad news like a loaded gun 
You were a hard, hard working man 
I was selling, selling out my band 
& you bought in... 

I was 18 at the top of my game 
Namedropping & looking for fame 
You lied, lied to me 
About all, all I could be 
& I bought in... 

You sellout, you souled yer soul, 
Forget it, you lost control 
What's done is done, it's now your turn 
Now your turn to bleed & burn 

Yer 25 & barley alive 
You've got a hoodrat you call your wife 
I'm given y ou loving on the side 
Cause your cold hard heart is just like mine 
I'm 21, you're 28 
We coulda had our day, we coulda been great 
But you laying, laying down to win 
And I'm paying for my life, life of sin 
& I bought in...