Travel forward into time, to see what's going to be.
Evolution in reverse, an ugly thing sto see...
Fifty million centuries, Man-Ape rules the Earth.
Science is forgotten, as Darkness sweeps its curse.

The fate of mankind flickers, like a candle in the wind.
Man-Ape only laughs - there's still time for sin.
Sacrifices to the Beast, hear their balebul cries.
The anemic of all tomorrows, for evil never dies.

The Beast has arisen, to lead Its Chosen Ones.
Into darkness eternal, beneath the Dying Sun.
Tempest of the Eidolon - the ritual begins.
Thirteen screaming souls, to feed the ones within.

Earth is dark frozen, never to be another dawn.
The bloody rule is ended, for mankind's faithless spawn.
Dead disciples, frozen Earth, but the Beast does not mourn.
It croaks a laugh, and turns Its thoughts to worlds yet unborn.