(Oh yeah, oh yeah, ey-ey-hey)
Tell me brother, what's bothering you?
Speak up sister, is there something I can do?
Let me be a strong shoulder,
Lend a helping hand -
Let me show you Jesus and try to understand.
'Cause someone was there for me
Let me be here for you,
And we can work together,
And we can see it through
I need to be reaching with His love
No need to try on my own
It will never be enough
Oh, when it comes to healing
It starts with a gentle touch
I need to be reaching,
Reaching with His love
(Oh, Oo-hoo)
Someone is broken
Right there next to you - Oh!
Someone is fallen, what will you do?
Do you choose to show God's mercy,
Or cast a guilty stone?
All the words of healing,
And forgiveness like His own
Bridge / Chorus
(Oh yeah)
Yeah, 'cause it's up to me and you
We've got to stand for eachother
We've got to reach for eachother