I'm hanging around, it's a saturday night
I' feeling good, let's pick a fight
Get some juices going, while the booze is flowing
Take off your gloves and be a man
Oooh! I'm feeling good tonight
Oooh! Let's rip the place apart
Bulldogs unleashed!
The rednecks are cheering, the women are panting
Prepare for the brawl of the day
Now hold my cigar girl, it's time for the kill
I'm going in, no holds barred
You woman will be mine
Watch me take her home
Behold what I've become
The meanest
The baddest
Motherfucker of them all!
You know it, you fear it, just take your pride and go
Release the hounds!!
The bartender's loading his shotgun and shouts:
"You're outta here by the count of three"
We're still hanging around on this saturday night
We never left and still we fight