I didn’t mean what I said
My mind wasn’t right
I wasn’t thinking straight
Didn’t mean to start a fight
Oh baby please don’t leave
My heart is overloading
Oh I can’t bear you gone
I feel your hand is slipping

Please don’t go
Oh please don’t go
I’ll change my world for you
Anything I will do
Just don’t leave me now
My heart is one with you
If you leave it stops beating
When I’m away from you
The earth is not just turning
Oh girl without your touch
All warmth in me is leaving
I love you so much
This truth you must believe in

Please don’t go
Oh please don’t go
Girl I can taste my tears
Please quiet all my fears
And don’t leave me now

My heart can’t take another blow
Without your love
I just don’t know
What my life is for
If I can’t love you anymore

Coz’ eversince you came
My life’s a new beginning
I was so desolate but you came in
And breathe in a new life to me
I never thought I’ll have you alone
And inly you can make me feel glad