I’m going in for the kill
I’m doing it for a thrill
I’m hoping you’ll understand
And not let go of my hand

I’m bulletproof fully equipped Kevlar skeleton
To slaughter rap veterans and stepping to get ahead of ‘em
I’m deadly as ever when I’m severing the heads of any
Competitor stepping and only show ‘em if they have weapons let ‘em in
Call me Spartacus ‘cause I’m swinging for the fences
With a bulletproof flow and a razor sharp sentence
Say it ‘cause I meant it… copy paste edit
Rap sheet long as the Lord of the Rings credits
I upset it when I said it and shred up all of these pathetic
Excuses for hip-hoppers it’s over as soon as I get it
Poison dart frog venom rap deadly
In a Nissan Honda Chevy
It’s Joell Ortiz and Webby
And this time around they’re not ready
‘Cause I’ve got my wanted level up like Tommy Vercetti
No Vice City but I’ll show you quite quickly
What it’s like to look up at the lights if you fight with me

This time baby I’ll be… bulletproof
We be to hard with it
This time baby I’ll be… bulletproof
Too many dope bars with it
This time baby I’ll be… bulletproof
Kevlar with it, so don’t start with it
We got our hearts in it, lyrical semi automatic (popopopopopop)

Say my name say my name
From a student of the game to a lame’s claim to fame
Throwing shots at Joe’ll make you hot they taking aim
But I’m the best vest bulletproof like Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans
You throw a jab I’ll weave
You throw a hook I jump this ruckus gut and turn your mug to dust with an uppercut
You’re fucking nothing praisers be gay they ain’t nothing much
When I was playing cops and robbers they jump double dutch
When I was on the block with armor
I watch those suckers duck and take the back streets on the block where I was bust a nut
With a big busted slut fucking with a bubble butt
When niggas mouth ran I’m the one who shut it up
I treat rap like the tracks the same rules apply
Mention Ortiz and I reply when it’s just you and I
No cameras no crowds no music guys
My gun says you ain’t bulletproof
Let’s see if my Ruger lie

You couldn’t hit me with a hollow tip
Even if you graduated with a sniper scholarship
Acknowledge it and fuck the politics
Cause if they need respect in my conglomerate
Then I'mma hit ‘em with a soccer kick
This ain’t the world cup
I got ‘em worked up
The mutant ninja rappers back
Bitches Surfs up
Cleats on tear the earth up
You heard yup
I cop trees and serve blunts then break it down and I burn up
Then burn down no way that you can stop me
Them beating me is as likely as seeing a jewish nazi
So I leave ‘em sleeping with the fishes like they Luca Brasi
‘Cause I love the fucking game in fact I think that cupid shot me
Juice and saki in my cup now who could touch this
The haters saying that that better must be dusting
‘Cause I ruggedly make love to beats
No condom when I bust it
Then I post it up on YouTube and Twitter just for the public