They say, They say this life is gonna chew you up and spit you right back out

But this games all I know about and I know it ain't fair

But I’m almost there, I know I’m almost there

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m feeling stuck really what the fuck, I kill it with the lyrics while I struggle for a buck
I’m frustrated, feelin like I shoulda just made it
Making money off of shows but can't even make a payment on a new whip
On the edge I’m really bout to lose it
But the fans keep me motivated I know I can do this
It’s funny, seems like everybody focusing on the lyrical content but I’m barely seeing any money
I’ll leave your nose runny cause I’m so sick yo
Still scrapin together quarters to get bogies down to sicko
I know this life has more in store for me, and if it don't then I'll put a pistol to my temple with nobody forcing me
It’s costing me blood,sweat, and tears and I hate the shit
I love the game this ain't just tryin' to make me rich
I love you hip-hop simple as that
But how much would it hurt to show a little love back

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I been chilling in the basement underground
They in the master bedroom throwin bucks around
Trynna be original every time I drop a rap
But all these labels lookin for another copy cat
Anyone say I’m bitin' Asher or Sam Adams swagger is gettin' knocked out if I catch yas
It's bullshit I've been doing this my whole life
And you say I’m jockin him just because were both white
They say "he's good" but he's no Slim Shady
Well how come every black rapper ain't compared to Jay-Z
I never said I was better than Em-kid
In my humble opinion Marshall's the best that's ever lived
I’m trynna do me and create my own lane
And though the haters gossip at least they’re sayin my name
And if I don't make it then life ain't fair but uh at least I know I was almost there

Yeah, yeah, yeah

So many damn shows I’m basically on tour
So fuck these labels if they ain't knockin at my door
My grass roots fan base is bigger than these dudes that are signin
This is crazy am I losin my mind
Dropped five mixtapes in a year and a half
No Pop-Tart shit
You hear that it's rap
And here are the facts
I grind harder than most of these dudes do
Always got new shit posted on YouTube
Shout to Khalifa cause me and him are supplying the most free music to your speakers
And if you ain't likin it shut your mouth bite your lip
I can't be stopped there's too much fuckin fightin Chris
This is history pen and hand writin this
Poseidon with the flow
King Triton bitch
So close I can taste it
I'll make it
Haters smoke a blunt by yourself and just face it