Sometimes you make me so crazy I wanna turn and go
Then you drive me wild and it makes me want to stay
And sometimes it feels like I'm walking down a rocky road
Just to fall in your arms at the end of the day

You ain't perfect, but your perfect for a man like me
And I know that I'm not the man that I'm supposed to be

But it's gonna take faith
It's gonna take trust
It's gonna take everything we've got
Even when we know it won't be enough
It's gonna take hope
We even need a little luck
And if anybody tells us we can make it on our own
It ain't true
Oh 'cause baby it takes two

Yeah sometimes my work and the world get the best of me
Then I come home and try to give you what's left of me
And sometimes you wonder if I'm even listening
And I hate how it hurts you when I forget the little things

I'm not perfect, but for you I'll do the best I can
'Cause without you I'll never be more than just another lonely man

I don't wanna walk alone now baby
I know I can't make it on my own baby
Even though sometimes you make me so crazy
I know together we can make it

[Repeat chorus]