Can I rock to this rhyme? 
You're not on my mind 
They say we blowin' up 
Don't jump on a mine 
I once had a time 
Tell the world I was blind 
Now I see everything 
Through these contacts of mine 
I'm at the office yeah 
I does it again 
I touch it, it wins 
That why the label buzzin' me in, uh 
Tell my momma I won't stop 'til I'm signed 
I'm hot with the ryme 
You Megatron, I'm Optimus Prime 
I'm locked in a line 
I'm just waiting for my turn 
Still fresh as def' 
So this paper I gotta earn 
I ain't Stern 
David commision me for athleticism 
The prototype on the mic 
Just check my mechanism 
And they ask how you make the world feel it? 
I say it's DNA, It's just in my double helix 
Controversey sells, 
Controversey sells 
And I'ma take this line 
To the Presidential hill 
Now Barack, though I love ya 
You in a lower weight class 
I'm above ya 

Can I get this? 
Guarantee I spit this 
Hand on the stand 
I guarantee you should witness, yeah 
The boy back like retro 
I want my car to have lights like Esco 
I'm in a class, in the corner 
I'm special 
The flow's magic, magic, presto 
I take off before, and I break off 
Perfect attendance 
I'm never taking days off 
And while I put in work 
And they getting a lay off 
And this is based off 
I'm feelin like I'm near cash 
On drive, so I steer fast 
Don't they feel my impact like a deer crash? 
Promise I tear 
If I wait, you see it's frontin' 
Make the rain go away 
Like a windshield wipe 
I'm right, I'm wrong 
I'm everything above 
A big enough heart 
To give a hater a hug 
Shootin' off 
Whether it's grenades or a slug 
Still bees, honey bees, designated by bugs