Wha, wha, oooh 
Wha, wha, oooh 

At the end of the day 
When I know that I'm going to meet you 
My heart just can't wait 
So it races as fast as my feet do 
At the very moment, I take your hand and the moment we touch 
I want to tell you how much I care 
But I almost can't speak, cause I love you too much 

Ordinary girl, it's an ordinary world we live in 
You make it special every day 
Ordinary girl, 
It's something precious that you're giving 
This ordinary guy is proud to say I'm in love 
I'm in love, I'm in love with an ordinary girl 
Ordinary girl, yeah 

Ba da da da (repeated) 

Nothing has changed just famililar things all around me 
But nothing's the same, I see with new eyes since you found me 
Even the way that the wind blows cold when we're walking at night 
Just have to hold you close 
You make everything good 
You make everything right