Oh, oh, oh 
Strange that it all meant so much less to you 
Those beautiful moments we shared 
Sad to think that every time you held me close 
Deep inside you never cared 

I believed every single word you said to me 
I believed every promise in your kiss 
I know there were lies you told me 
But theyre lies that Im gonna miss 

Loves nothing special or mysterious 
Just breaks your heart apart 
Loves nothing special or mysterious 
Makes burning teardrops start 
And breaks your heart apart 

Friends say that one day Ill get over you 
Oh but they dont feel the pain 
Cause its me that walks the street at night 
I hope to meet you in the rain 
I pray one day youll come back to me 
That goodbye was not for real 
Maybe youll change you mind 
Put an end to this misery I feel 

Loves nothing special or mysterious 
Just breaks you every day 
Loves nothing special or mysterious 
It hurts in every way 
And burns you every day 

It hurts when I hear records we used to play, 
Think of the good times we had 
At night whenever I think of you 
The pain it drives me mad 

Try hard to hate you for the things youve done 
But those kind of feelings never last 
My futures empty for the present now 
My hearts still living in the past