I try to imagine your feelings
You - who are different
Owners of a strange gift that brings you grief
I try to put myself in your place your
Sexual orientation, lust that
You can't suppress, thoughts
You are afraid to speak of
To keep delightful orgies
Of homosexual pedophility inside
Despised beforehand by a society that is not able to help
Desperation, powerless, anger, grief
Neverhealing sickness? Inborn defect? Punishment? Gift?
What is the sense? I'm angry at you because you are different
I want to find love as well
I am sad with my lot
I know I'm different
I seek help everywhere I go
I hate everyone
I seek understanding, tolerance
Not just for mockery and ignorance
I'm going to close myself inside
And ignore moral conventions
My imaginations has turned reality
I am living with pedophile homosexuality