Nocturnal winds awakes the seeds of vengeance
While nuclear storms are swallowing the world of shit
The crystal kings deplores behind the bloodred sun
The declaration of war in the astral kingdom has begun
The blackguards controls the void
All the blind fools will pay with flesh
The ancient gods of retaliation
Transcending the weepers to bleed
Sworn - To the boiling seeds of vengeance
Sworn - To the battles of rebellions
Sworn - To worship the crystal kings
Sworn - Explore the world declension
The mourning star glows like an evil bloodred eye
Breeding grace when the sinners bleed in the skies
The embers spawn is falling from the velvet moons
The vapours breeze is sweeping on the filthy soil
Genocide in the astral kingdom
Holocaust in a timeless void
Sacrifice to the crystal kings
Blasphemy in the world of shit