A nuclear accident
vomits into the ocean
an island of garbage
forged by the discarded
the constant trawling
modifying habitats
what the fuck are we doing?

Biodiversity- now monoculture of deceased inhabitants
The nets don't discriminate - unforgiving in this throwaway living

As the coves exsanguinate the bodies, now gluttonous commodities
Purging more than they need - for the unwitting public and corporate greed

Paralyzed in fear, until all pods are eradicated...

They never stood a chance
against this sick romance
we have with every living being
we have with every fucking thing

Long lining baited hooks, pelagic thievery, gluttonous crooks
Discarded secondary bycatch rendered useless, thrown overboard

Bottom trawling thus reveals the destroyed habitats - wiped off the map
The life support of the ecosystems is pulled leaving only victims

Living in misery - the ways of fisheries
One of life's mysteries - soon we'll all be history
Nobody's listening - classic conditioning
this is the christening - extinction quickening

We never stood a chance 
against this sick romance
we have with our demise
we have with all of life

With mouths open wide
Our footprint steps inside
And when there's nowhere to hide
Death comes with the tide....