Through natures eye, earth sinners fly 
On a suicide asteroid 
Trans-mutation - space rejection 
The hellish fleet must die 
Grim reflection in the sky 
Dark mirror of manblind 
Aliens walking amongst you 
Twist directions knife yea!

Half way to paradise 
Black wizard pauses flight

Captain desolation - disaster in command 
Fatal destination - astral suicide

Tornado nation ride inside 
This tombstone galaxy
Unknown mission apparitions 
Dictating your destiny 
Architect of catastrophes
Non - physical reality 
Through kaleidoscopes of burning tears
An eternal odyssey oh yea!

Full steam to paradise
Green wizard grants delight

Planet head exploding - earth becomes your mind 
Spectral domination - astral suicide

Suicide asteroid - destiny null and void 
Suicide asteroid - satan's realm overjoyed!