Holy moly oly I got goldy on my rollie
I went back and studied oldies
So I can rap for niggas boldy
I just kill it, Spur of the moment like the playoffs 
and Ginobili
I'm actually more like Kobe don't pay for shit, man I'm 
A bunch of people know me, I'm on, let's get it
What you saying, I'm with it, I'm referee in my city
Everybody got different paths
You cross I'm blowing my whistle
Eat that bone to the bristle
Cut a chick off use a chisel
Don't mean to break hearts, here's some tissues
Like you can't wipe up your issues!
Bottle of Sprite to slow down!
Party all night and get lifted
I'm here the future is present
I guess that mean that you gifted
I got a team full of boppers
Plus some dreams full of wisdom

I'm High (I'm High) when I smoke (when I smoke)
She riding, she riding, she roll, she roll
We havin' (We havin') a moment (a moment)
I'm popping, I'm popping, so I'm opened, so I'm opened!
Toe tag, body bag, kill them with the swag
Toe tag, body bag, kill them with the swag
Toe tag, body bag, kill them with the swag
Toe tag, body bag, kill them with the swag

Just one man, I got two hoes
I got three flows, and I know four more
Wait, I'm lying, I'm just jivin'
You probably gon' have to add a few fives in
Swear I got the game, no trying
Lauryn love is in Zion but my love is grinding
Killed the show then had six classics
Wait for... rich actress that will pick me up in a 
seven series
Eight missed calls, I ain't hear it
She love the way I spit my lyrics
Killed the cat, it got nine lives
Don't like loud hoes like tie dye
Ten hoes in my high top, she thick though we wifi
That's connect she ease my stress
I write the drug, I'm CBS
That's gon' happen, getting easy checks
I got the dough then call the team
Read up, we re-ed up, I'm so chill, she geeked up
So meet me up in that kind of roll
We gonna need three G trucks