Yo, Them same stuck up girls gone be ugly when they 
grow up
I Spent 4 years grindin' in hopes that I'm a blow up
And remained humble, get a new chain but stay with the 
same hustle
You say you love me but I can't trust you, Man this 
game ugly
I stayed high just tryna stay above it
I'm in the streets just tryna stay in touch with
Everything that I grew up with, That's how I make my 
Young niggas on the rise and you can't take it from me
And I put that on me, keep my circle nice and small I 
gotta couple homies
That's on my day to day, I know a lot of people but I 
just stay away
Cause ain't none of them gone get me paid
I try to talk to God I'm tryna pay, But I just don't 
know what to say
In life you just gotta find your way
Watch yo back nigga and guard yo face, In hopes that 
one day

It's so hard to keep a clear mind, dealing with life's 
field mines
Shit blow up once you think it's all fine
But I'm a keep on trying, like my grandma did
Been in the nursing home for 10 long years
But she forever gone stay right here, that's in my 
I get attached to everything I start
And resort to action when it's time win, cause I don't 
wanna end
Girl I don't want nothing if I can't have it all
Not insecure, that's just how I was taught
You moving on? that's what I never thought
In this life I just need some love, only something true
I guess that's why I'm tryna f**k witchu, Don't wanna 
be alone
Don't wanna argue just wanna get along
Not in the mood I don't answer phones
Just need some time I'm tryna free my dome
Girl come over let's get it on, and watch me never stop
To make up for all them other times...