I'm suffering from depression
The anger turned within
What do I gain for all my pain
Perhaps I seat in heaven?
Don't do what you want
Do what you're though right
Your life is built on paranoia and guilt
Don't forget your Valium to night
The agony I must endure
My mind is painful and swells
The punishment for what I've done
Is forever the paints of Hell
How come what is natural
Has to be a sin?
Why would God give me this urge
If I cannot give in?
They say don't give up
That Jesus loves me
But there are something he doesn't forgive
And am there fare worthless
And I don't deserve to live
I went down into my dazement
Confused and depressed
Put Black Sabbath on
Razor blade on hand
A Wilkinson I think
Ten slashes on each arm
My only wrong doing
Was being born human
And following my instincts
I never was happy
I never was save
So I shall be extinct
The last I am pure
Witness my sanguine penance
I don't need anyone
My souls been set free
Death is total independence
Stand up straight
Stomach in
Shoulders back
Sound off
Angry neurotic Catholics
It's a sin
Angry neurotic Catholics
It's a sin