The drum wakes up
He'll have a real black eye this time
Hungover dream
He hung around too long last night
The drum gets up
How will he feel about this one?
The dream throws up
He didn't feel too good this time

He's got it all
He's got it figured out
Dream in the hall
Back in the hospital
I'm not concerned
He'll get it straight this time
And if he doesn't, fuck it

The gun goes off
He's always off about something
The drum just nods
The drum ain't listening at all
The drum gets drunk
The drum reads James Joyce in the drunk
The dream falls down
The drum's face breaks the dream's fall

He don't have shit
He's learned to live with it
The drum's in debt
You owe me, don't forget
That 20 bucks
Interest and moral support
And if you don't I swear

This is our lifetime
And I am his creator
A young man slowly pulled apart
By separate poles of gravity

The drum goes forth
He's got his flag unfurled or something
The drum won't stop
The drum's a menace to the public

Hold your drum high
The drum is stoned again
Don't wake him up
He'll just start talking
The drum is dead
Long live the drum
And I am his creator