Will anyone be surprised
Will anyone not say they're surprised
Where will it be? will I have found a home by then?
Or is it always in your hometown?

Will my hanging leave me indecent?
Will they have to cross my legs?
No more throwing the bottle cap into the trash and throwing the bottle into the recycling
Let nature take its course

How long will the casket hold?
How long will the old home hold?
How many hands will have touched me?
How may eyes shut? only two

Will it be like in the movies?
Will they play music I like?
Or will everyone be hovering around the iPod trying to put on their playlist

All that oxygen, no more
All that senseless rubbing, no more
Only gravity
And it's such a drag

And when the night comes
Who will be lying by my side
I never liked sleeping with strangers

And when the night comes
Whose side will I be lying by
I never liked sleeping with strangers