When did our heart
Stop beating?
Used up all the heat
When did it start
Our meeting?
It's been on repeat
I know there's a full moon every night
It's just not always bright
But it's been so long since I saw the light
Maybe I haven't been looking at the sky

Maud, now you're gone, now you're gone
(Sweetheart, please love me too long
My heart's too strong
Love me too long
Sweetheart, please let me hold on
To these old songs
I've loved too long)

And when I'm in bed
I'm dead
No one to check my pulse
And so instead
My head
Begs not to be so full
And when I fall
Which part of me writes the dream
And which part falls
Who's running the machine?

I know there's a full moon every night
When I dress black, it snows white

Maud, now you're gone