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Lady's and gentlemen
I would like to take the time to indroduce to you (uh uh)
A group of very talented young performers (canibals)
Bloody and violent individuals (runnin down your area)
People who are bound to eat your children in a fit of rage

Cypher unkown phone home
The bone box national
Scratch demonstrater attatch that to dedicate
This involves all total all city carter
Caught a all city kid nurtured in the game on stage
In a palce we live
Enter a man saturated don mega radio died essential kid
Add a frequency to sifted intelligent +broch fed lid+
To the (?) I sent them

You wanna pop shit and get popped in the top lip?
I shoot the five and on a good day I bite bullets
We use Aire traps to catch weasels
Metal mouth's diesel and the bite's lethal
We in the catacomb nappy headed never used a comb
And built with the forces that blew away darkie's home
I grab the mic like, "Are you experienced?"
But I don't play the guitar, I play my cadence
And If I exhaled arguments only to hold my breath
I would die and I ain't talking hair color
I'm talkin about the reality with my mother's eye water
The author with a papermate
Spittin paperweights

From the tract in a government funded botch freerange
A 22 nicotine patch automatics +to date+
When it comes to +cross suck of the day+
Chantella residence
Residence, I be, NYC

Now this environment's a product of me
Function sloppy identity copied
With a rhymescheme so ill we change rap to con artist
I'm honest to a fault but it's my fault I'm that honest
I guess it's the dimension I climb up
I flow like arachnids on water spouts
The circle is never seen and seldomly heard about
They put me in a cage and Mega break me out

Broke out the cage and blazed an ice cold bowel of sage
Controllin the maze with four hos and blades
Spit flows straight off corn rows and braides
Light bones and strike those with
Words I spray automatic vinyl accapell
separate the soul from the shell
Trapped in the belly
Find me spittin these raps on the celly
That's Mega poppin off some long lecture
Send a message for those starvin the the Mega
Cookin up measures stressin the po'
Mixed in the vein cold trying to escape
As the pain grows with the same flows
Fit for those wanted to oppose copyright division
Leave you leakin on a stretcher
Puffin on the o pop you with a biscuit
fuckin with the o plus the x
Bust with effects head blown
Shine these cats divine spit with lines
That go straight through spines
Witness animals robbin armored trucks
And escape with nines
Cause tragedies, crack clavicals, rap classical
We're at 7th Ave. New York the city of crime
And the city sublime
Rap this subliminal thoughts of criminal ways
While critical times got my mind locked in a physical maze
Trapped in another noose guzzlin two Kahluas
Pop through your bubble goose with raps takes time
Pissy still this all day flow mic jiggy
Rep that NY City, trapped in the shitty, we gets busy
On Mike Nitty, stay trizzy, rap phillies
And crack dutchess live in the rap function
Flows often bananas off the nut crunches
Salute profanity with middle finger fuckers
Live for you duckers, suckers... hahahha I don't have an ear piece

That's hot