Poured out from the tube of resinated comes
 A blackness, a vision, annihilation
 Utilize augury in these last uncertain days
 Apperceiving intoxicant, inhaling is the only way

 Deep gaping hole in my mind has expanded
 Mind is blank, no more thoughts, stupefacient
 Spellworthy vestige terrifying shapeless void
 Dope encircled passageway

 Gateways to Inhalation

 Fierce psychic trauma wringing out cerebral sponge
 The neurotransmitters are getting stronger
 Penetrative power-premonition sees through me
 Sees through me

 All-consuming swelling pains threaten what exists
 Total mental meltdown mount to resist

 Titillated, brain activated
 Somehow knowing, drugs are flowing

 Reawakened enlightenment, reason I have found
 Panoplanar vegetable, boundless voids surrounds

 Extrasensory expansion hits
 Barely grasping
 At the end of your wits

 Evil visions taunting you, they beckon, "come inside"
 Portal summoned forth now from a bloodshot third eye

 Stoned again, lost within, what a ride
 Lost somewhere in time

 Gateways to Inhalation