Dem definitely dont know it 
I haffi show dem it 
Little bwoy, little bwoy, chuh 

After mi say run di marathon 
Dem coundnt run it 
Give dem the chance fi bun dun di place 
Dem couldnt bun it 
How dem fi inna competition when dem know dem nuh fit 
Gargamel tek up the whip and all DJ tek sick 

Nuff assignment dem get and little bit accomplish 
Bwoy dey all bout a splirt naw duh no practice 
A nuh so yuh mek tune, a nuh so yuh find hits 
Like the great Callaloo Henry mi a guh tek up back the whip 
I am the trademaster who teach apprentice 
Ambitious, yuh nuh work, but inna mi seat yuh waan sit 
Mine yuh name get mark offa the Dean's list 
Talking pure rubbish, Inna di mic yuh just a spit 
Dirty words and the sight is not hygenic 

Stand aside while I demonstrate 
How to rock a mic, tear dung the place 
Rudebwoy juckie jam, nuff gal dey pon base 
Free education, the lion set the pace 
Nuff inna camp, kuh pon face 
My thing a my thing, mi nuh inna rat race 
Lyrics whey nuff a talk is not up to date 
A sell dem sell very cheap fi fruit cake 
DJ, clean the pattan, grab a broom, hol the rake 
Lift up the standard try educate the race 

Mic check mic check 
Nuff a dem run outa breath 
Whey dem Quashi yah come from 
Dem nuh ready yet 
Better look a 9 to 5 
Or Bakkle yuh get 
DJ practice, yuh wi become perfect 
Waan reach the top and yuh mek di first step 
Listen Buju Banton, mek sure this select