One man say, restore the peace by any means 
Shoot first, then question your enemies 
Look how the people been suffrin' 
Before now, this a for even more 
As they try to mediate between the rich and the poor 
Them never used to visit such community 
Them never insure them sa-fe-ty 
Can you stop the love of the people 
Where you know their every cry 
Where they all have justice. 

Will the people want an end to brutality 
Tell dem all they should respect humanity 
When you're out there it's nothing but insanity 
You massacre your own and that's the reality 
Oh Buju Banton, me don't know partiality...I 
Iya Iya Iya, I... 

Now look at the way they treat the people 
People of the island can't take this here hassle 
Everyday to suffer, is Jah-mon, it is a struggle 
Look at how the people them work hard and juggle 
Some a dem a hustle, and some a dem a love 
Some a dem a brag, and nuff a dem a buss 
Listen to the rude boy while I toss 
The people they want justice