C Ami F Fmi

   C               F        C
1. Sometimes words are hard to find
   Emi         F        G
   I'm looking for that perfect line
   Fmi             C                    Emi
   To let you know you are always on my mind
   C                   G
   Ya this is love and I´ve learned enough to know
   Fmi       C          G
   I'm never lettin' go no, no, no - won't let go

   C                           Emi
R: When you want it – when you need it
   F                  Dmi
   You'll always have the best of me
   C                         Emi
   I can't help it - believe it
   F                          Dmi
   You'll always get the best of me

2. I may not always know what´s right
   But I know I want you here tonight
   Gonna make this moment last for all your life
   Oh ya this is love and it really means so much
   I can tell from every touch No, no, no - won't let go

R: When you want it...