Pitch me roll in a black Lamborghini
Hoy  heels looking so cute
Every step there is a .. on my right on my left
Every photographer trying to get through
I have got to know this shit
I know you wanna sell on it
I'm not never get no 
You no longer running this

I can get any man I chose
Switch up  and shoes
Couple more drinks and I am over you
I'm gonna party all night long
I'm gonna get my sexy on
Looking through about myself
I don't need nobody else
If you think I am waiting by the phone
Boy get over
If you are trying to get it back
Don't even waste your time
If you were standing on the edge
And I pushed you on my mind
You are a victim of love love suicide

Love love
Love suicide

No hesitation ain't nobody coming to rescue
My new miss pages outrages you wanna be my friend
But I ain't gonna add you
My .. is completed booked
My psychics are off the hook
Easy like a  baby
You are just a patient crazy

Heels high no lie
You love my body
Heels tall
Waist small
When I am walking in slow motion
I am so good without you baby
It's like you were never here
It's so much happening into my life
Ain't no time to share no tears
I am moving so fast
My vision is blurry
Something feels different
But I can't put my finger on it