I was walking down the street 
In a little old country town 
I saw a rusty penny 
Half buried in the ground 

As I bent down to pick it up 
I saw beneath the rust 
These words, just barely visible 
In God we trust 

I held it for a moment 
Then suddenly, I knew 
What God in all his wisdom 
Would have me say and do 

He used this worthless penny 
To make me understand 
That life is not worthing living 
Without the master's hand 

Oh, in God we trust 
In God we trust 
We're lost just like this penny 
Unless in God we trust 

And then, I heard a 
Still small voice whispering 
Within me, very clear 
Be still and know that I am God 
And I'm always near 

When all your dreams come 
Tumbling around you in the dust 
Remember this lost penny 
And place in me, your trust 

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]