I moved your pictures
From my wall
Darling, I replaced them
Both large and small

Now each new day
Finds me so blue
Now I know nothing
Can take the place of you

Every day, I read
Your letters one by one
And I know I still love you
When all is said and done

And, oh, my darling
I'm so blue
Baby, nothing can
Take the place of you

I'm gonna take my time
And write you a letter
Oh, It's raining on
My window pane

I can feel the need of you
Because I know without you
Nothing seems the same

But I'm gonna wait cause
I know you'll be coming home
Baby, I love you
But I'm all alone

And, oh, darling
I'm so blue
Cause I know nothing
Nothing can take the place of you

Because nothing
Takes the place of you