You say your hurting is over. 
It feels like you're back from the dead. 
But still I can't believe it's over, 
And I can't get your sight, your scent from my head. 
It seems like these moments are lasting forever, 
The times when we felt alive. 
You carried my heart in the midst of this battle 
In your hands. 
This time I won't try to reach you. 
You're already too far gone. 
Slipped past and I didn't notice, 
Did we ever sing the same song? 
Two lives, two books of illusion, 
A chapter in the essence of time. 
The story we wrote in one season, 
Came to an end in one night. 
Remember the times when we started believing, 
That everything would be alright? 
You carried my heart in the midst of this battle... 
In your hands. 
And I'll wait for you. I'll become something new. 
And I'll sing for you until this dream comes true