Cold eyes behind those masked faces
Don’t follow the traces

The poison of your words will crush you down
You are losing control, I am losing my mind
Fear of rejection day in day out
It’s like I’m burning from the inside out

What’s a perfect world to you?
Stop feeding me with those lies

I’m searching for answers to questions I will never get
But we are not dead yet
What do you regret?
Tell me what you regret
Cause we are not dead yet

Our skin is rotten
A mind full of doubt
It will tear you apart
What goes around, comes around
It’s like I’m burning from the inside out

You better run, chasing the sun
Erase the darkness in your mind
The coexistence is fading away
Don’t close your eyes, don’t try to hide
We belong to the other side
Can’t you see the light is slowly fading away

How can you deny the threat?
Sometimes I want to leave this fucking place
Leave this place

I’ve been searching for so long, for something more
I want to step into a new world
Break these chains away from me
You can meet me where the sky touches the sea

Voices telling you what you have to do
This fucking pressure will bury you
It will bury you

We’ve reached the point where we can’t turn away

Sometimes I feel like there’s no cure for this misery
Side by side but lost in the open sea
What is the price you would pay to change it back?

Follow the traces
Don’t follow the traces
Hand in hand we can find the way out of this fucking maze
Don’t follow the false trace