free fall into a deep sleep
with a box of photos on my knees
into a world without time and space

it's hard for me to cope with when I'm awake
all my life I was cutting corners
I always felt like a useless stoner
every step I took was in slow motion
heal the past, let go of what was
live the present, accept what it is
dream of the future, have faith in what will be
but time heals nothing unless you move along with it
I try to breast the waves in the ocean
everything that happen in my head is real
the moon is my spotlight and now you can see how I feel
time flies, the time arrives
no moment to waste, no memory to repress
no place to hide, no lie to deny
always searching for the faults and imperfections
a gilded cage I can't escape
hoping for an insight I will probably never find
the clock is ticking
time is the wave upon the shore
it takes some things away but it brings other things
set the anchor in the bay
the sound of the moving water makes everything fade away but I must wake up
my eyes slowly adjust to darkness
now I know a clean surface will rise
the sun shines through the dark clouds