The sun sets, reality becomes tactile
The bitter taste of life is killing the smile on my face
Shaken up by reality

But never give up no matter how hard it will be
There's no way to escape, there is no shortcut
All of sudden everything changes
And from now on every breath feels so strange
A stab in the back without warning
Fall asleep and hope
All is forgotten in the morning
I'm paralyzed
I close my eyes and try to set the time back
I just want to fall into a deep sleep
Wake up and realize that everything was just a nightmare
Somebody take this away from me
These cursed ups and downs
This mental pressure, sometimes hope drowns
How long does it still take
Till the chains around my neck break
Broken mirrors - I can't see the reality clearly
Millions of sharp pieces are starring at me
Please, I can't bear to see you fall again
But I know you'll never give up